December 31, 2013


                            G21 – Interactive Business Intelligence Package ( Forecasting – Planning – Budgeting )
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G21 (Advanced Business Intelligence Package) is our in-house developed, cost-competitive capacity planning, forecasting application software for small and medium scale industries. Our customized dashboards help IT executives make key decisions by putting data from a variety of enterprise applications and services at a CIO’s fingertips so he or she can better manage employees, website activity, development projects and moreRequest For Free Demo
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Job-Ezee is a PC based software product, developed using MS .NET, that automates the management of the entire service process of two-wheeler vehicles Sales & Service centers. The prduct helps service centers track the complete service activities for individual vehicles, which in turn helps them to deliver better quality of service to their customers. The in-built inventory management system helps these service centers to maintain optimum inventory, operate efficiently and reduce costs. The application allows for data mining, automatic billing, generating consolidated reports, and sending out automatic service reminder emails or SMSes to customer email accounts, or mobile phones. The product is highly customized according to the individual’s need.
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GLIP (Glister Lean Inventory Package) is our in-house developed, cost-competitive inventory management application software for small and medium scale industries. This web-based application, created using state-of-the-art application development framework and tools, automates the purchase and sales order pipeline, and allows management of stock levels in the organization. The software provides notification regarding pending orders, generates automatic detailed billing and gate pass, and ease fulfillment of orders, complete or partial, based on current inventory levels, customer preferences and requests. The web-based application can maintain opening and closing stock positions, manage stock transfer, and allows unified inventory management across multiple locations. The in-built database backup and restore feature, prevents data loss. Traceability feature in the software allows product tracking anywhere in the supply chain. The application allows generation of detailed reports about stocking levels, customer and supplier information, and user defined periodic financial information.
GPMS  – Glister Payroll Management Process Software   – The Complete Human Resource Package


Payroll Software

 – GH1

The Payroll Software that solves all your payroll issues!

Your search for the payroll software that solves all your payroll related issues ends here! Attend HRM has a complete payroll solution that automates all you payroll processes. Configure your payroll rules, and leave the rest to Attend HRM, it saves you lots of time spend fixing your payroll issues.

Close integration among payroll, attendance, and leave management allows you to define your payroll formulae with ease. You can pay your employee for every minute of overtime he does. Also, you can cut pay for every minute he is late.


* One click Salary Processing

* User defined Salary Heads

* User defined Salary Structure

* User defined Formulae

* Seamless integration with attendance module

* Bonus (India)

* PF (India)

* ESI (India)

* Gratuity (India)

* Professional Tax (India)

* TDS, Income Tax (India)

* Customizable Pay Slips

* Payslips with YTD

* Calculation History for each payslip

* Statutory Reports – PF, ESI and more (India)

* Printable Challan Reports (India)

* Salary data export to Excel

* Bulk email of pay slips to all employees in one click

* Modification History for payroll data (Who changed what and when?)



Timer Modules

 (Universal Start Stop Timer Module VM141)

The Start-Stop Timer electronic electronic module VM141 is micro-controlled timer

Timer-Module_mobile line_ver The VM141 Start Stop Timer module activates built in relay contacts after time delay intervals ranging between 1 second up to 60 hours. The the timer can be started or stopped any time with the push of a button. Start and stop buttons are included on the module, or you can connect your own remote buttons via the modules input terminal block. The output relay contacts can be used as as switch (normally open or normally closed) and are accessed via the output terminal block.Use the Start-Stop timer module to control the intermittent operation of circuits and equipment (time ON vs. time OFF). Control practically anything from lights, buzzers, pumps, motors, larger relays for controlling high power industrial machines, and many, many more! This timer module includes a 3A relay for load control of your own application. Adjustable time delays in ranges from 1 second up to 60 hours are possible.Start-Stop Timer electronic module comes pre-assembled and ready to use.


* Wide timing range

* Easy time range setting via built in DIP switches

* Includes on-board start and stop buttons

* Non retrigger able

* Power-on trigger is possible

* Debounced buffered inputs avoid false triggering

* Compact size

* Front panel mountable


* Adjustable time delays from one second to 60 hours in 4 ranges: • 1 second to 6 seconds • 1 second to 60 seconds • 1 minute to 60 minutes • 1 hour to 60 hours

* Power supply: 12V DC at 100ma (not included) * NO/NC output relay contacts: 24VAC / DC 3A max

* Dimensions: 2.8in x 1.8in x 0.8in (7cm x 4.5cm x 2cm) * Pre-assembled and ready to use

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