December 31, 2013



– No, it’s not another IT service provider company. We believe we’re different from the rest of the crowd.

– We started our services as Independent Testing Company and we understand the Domain with various industries by serving dedicated testing service provider in india.

– Delivered – Testing services to more than 250 clients globally with high performance quality management services.

– Innovative Solutions to the clients globally with long term support without bug free delivering services as software testing company.

– We can power you with the right technology to improve your productivity and reducing the Cost & time saving consumption using variant technologies.

– Adopting and using Advanced Technologies implementations to the clients globally with cost effective services.

– Having Passionate and dedicated Domain Expertise Team for delivering high performance services to the clients globally.

– We also help your business adapt with the world by high quality with timely support.

Our Objective – Domain Expertise

We aim to provide versatile tools to our clients delivering right of quality products and services to help model their businesses and cost structure in the evolving market place. Understanding clients’ business processes, workflows and back-end operations, we can grasp with certainty the application’s needed performance. This eases the development and verification of project requirements, and it helps testing engineers prioritize defects found in accordance.


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