July 26, 2017


Product Lifecycle Management

Make Business Efficient


Glister Transport Management System is a Logistic management system that allows you to transport from wherever and at the quickest possible time. This system is imperative to building a strong transport management system which can be used to consolidate orders, oversee shipping and lower transportation costs”.



Our ERP – PLM Customized Solutions

  • Based on the Client Requirements.
  • Easy to Access anywhere
  • Connecting Every Departments/Vendors/Distributors
  • Versatile Reports to indentify the current issues.
  • Based on ROI system
  • Connect the organization Globally


  • Excess and Shortage Adjustment System
  • Multiple User Interface
  • Customer Accounting System
  • Vehicle Management System
  • Driver Management
  • Third Party Transport System
  • Local Transport System
  • Vehicle Loading System
  • Lorry Management System
  • Multi Branch Integration
  • Payment System