December 31, 2013


Our Objective – Domain Expertise

We aim to provide versatile tools to our clients delivering right of quality products and services to help model their businesses and cost structure in the evolving market place. Understanding clients’ business processes, workflows and back-end operations, we can grasp with certainty the application’s needed performance. This eases the development and verification of project requirements, and it helps testing engineers prioritize defects found in accordance with their actual importance.


Discover – Architecture – Develop -Test – Deliver

GLISTER smoothly integrates QA procedures into both iterative and cascade software development processes (Waterfall and Agile based). We have always envisioned that demonstrating world- class technology solutions to clients is the best means to essay them that they are delivered with the best in the market. In other words, our actual Quality Assurance process is represented by intersection of GLISTER’s proprietary and industry best practices and clients’ needs.

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